building on the journey

building on the journey
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Sunday, April 28, 2013


I'm a classic over sharer.

I don't do it for shock value...well, not always... I do it because as I matured I realized that all of the terrifying things about adolescence and young adulthood are shared by EVERYBODY!!

I'm not crass... well, not usually... just honest.

I share this with you because I have recently discovered that when you are an over sharer, or perhaps I should call it "down to earth," people will also share stuff with you that you wish you didn't know, or in the least didn't fully expect or fully realize was a secret.

I don't necessarily mean personal information, although, they do that also. I mean they share things they just shouldn't tell you. It has taken me until the past few weeks to really get this or even realize that this actually isn't true of everyone. Once in a while I will say, "hey, did you talk to _____, isn't that crazy?" Only to find out that I just shared a secret that I didn't know was a secret.  It also means that you know information you are unsure whether you are happy to know. Listen, I'm all about having inside information, for the most part, but sometimes that just puts you in a terribly awkward position.

Part of it is that I'm sort of intuitive, so I have an uncanny ability to put two and two together, but for the most part it is because people just tell me too much.

Listen, I don't judge, which is part of the reason they over share to begin with, but just keep in mind that just because I'm a good listener, doesn't ALWAYS mean I want to know what you are about to share...