building on the journey

building on the journey
Our family...just waiting to add our sweet smiling little girls!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

simple math

Today my friend Leslie and I connected after weeks of it just not working. She immediately said, "So? What's going on with Tabitha? When's your next fundraiser? What's the plan?"

I said, "I don't know!! It is soooo much harder to ask for money for yourself! I ask for money for my job all day long, why can't I do this? I'm struggling!"

She said, "Suck it up!"

That's right, no sympathy, no commiseration, just, "Suck it up! This is not about you, this is about that little girl who may be in a decent enough baby orphanage right now, but she is ultimately going to be sent to an asylum. So, you have to put on that Jill face, the one you put on all the time and use to make it happen for your athletes. It was hard for me to do, too, but then you remind yourself that it's important. It's why God put you in this place at this time. Don't ask why, just set the plan, pray and keep working, it'll happen. So, what's the plan?"

Okay, so I've known Leslie for a lot of years and believe me when I tell you, this woman has a strength that the girl I once knew never had. She gave me a good ol' Southern drawl tinged, fire and brimstone, come to Jesus, kinda talkin' to!! (see, she even made my written words lose their "g's"!! That's some kind of powerful!!)

So, after my "normal" work day ...ha! What's that?... I take the girls off to dance class and then, tu tu's and all (I was not wearing a tu tu, for those of you that got a momentary flash of crazy, the girls were), off to an S.O. basketball skills practice, then finally home. Dinner. Baths. Teeth brushed. A fight over who gets the Elmo jammies and whether chocolate is really an option after brushing our teeth (Sophie won, btw, so chocolate it was. then another round of teeth brushing). So, finally, peace and quiet. Now, how do we make this happen?

Well, it's simple math.

Looks like our total costs will be somewhere between $37-47k, depending on our luck with flights, lodging, lengths of stay required, etc., etc. (plus, if we aim high and you all prove me right, once again, that I've got the most amazing global circle of friends, then we could raise more than we need and whatever we don't need will go toward bringing home another, in this case it's go big and bring 'em home!!

So far, about $2300 has been donated directly to Tabitha's adoption "account." I think we are going to raise around $1000 from the fudge fundraiser...probably more, but I'd rather be surprised with more, than disappointed with less. So, that leaves a target of $33.4-43.4K. Sounds ginormous, so how about we break it down...

Let's say we got a bunch of people, this is where the village comes in, to give $20...
 how big would that village need to be? Tiny! ...well, sort of tiny!! That's 1670 -2170 people.

This is doable.

Yes, a ton of people, but I know that between all of us, we can do this. It's telling our story to 1 more person. It's not being afraid to say what we're doing to one more stranger. It's asking our friends to please, please, please help us spread the word.

I may still be struggling with this, but with knowing that simplesth says that in 18 months this sweet little girl will be institutionalized because she had the audacity to be born with Down Syndrone, well then, Leslie's right, I can suck it up. I'm counting on simple math, the power of numbers, the power of prayer... Please join us and help us bring this little girl home.

1670 people! Can you help us reach out?

Thank you for joining this journey!


  1. ok i'm in perhaps not this month but i'm in with financial support. xxx sharing on facebook to find a family! are you on fb....if you are look for flight platform living page...thats me and say hi!

  2. ok shared on my page, timeline and in RR facebook group! lets get that army built! will also blog my lovely new friend xxx

  3. yay got 1 friend just committed to joining your army! xxxx