building on the journey

building on the journey
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Friday, November 30, 2012

hold my hand

Tonight as we drove and the traffic thinned and the car got darker with the night, my girls both wanted to hold our hands. Now, have you ever sat in the front passenger seat and tried holding the hands of two toddlers in carseats on opposite sides of the car? Gumby would find it challenging, and 7 feet of stretchy I am not.

BUT, then this little sob would escape RayLee and Sophie's tiny voice would speak for them both to say, "hold my hand, Mommy?" with a hopeful, willing ask. And, well, car yoga it was.

So, with my left arm jacked under and back, a thumb held by RayLee and a pinky by Sophie, I giggled in a pinch of pain with my husband about how life has changed.

Then, as I tried to sneak my hand away when I was sure they were "over it," the cycle would start again.

When the girls finally fell asleep, I snuck my hand back and Chris and I rode along and talked. As we talked about the adoption, things we've read, when we might travel and all we need to do next, it hit me...She hasn't had anyone to hold her hand when the night scared her. She hasn't been rocked to sleep, read to day and night, cuddled endlessly on lazy days. She hasn't had anyone there to reach out when she cried, "hold my hand."

But she will now!!!


  1. ok first post ive read and you have me see, me and my friend Anna have loved Tabitha for so long, we have waited for you to find her, and now you are here and longing to hold her hand! my gratitude for you loving tabitha stretches all the way to Heaven...thank you xxxx

  2. A few weeks ago when my husband and I were looking through the Reece's Rainbow site, trying to determine how we could help, a couple of children caught my eye. Your Tabitha was the first. I think her smile is infectious and I was thrilled to see a family had found a match with her:) The second was Sally, who looks like my dear Grady (which is why I think I was partial to her). I have prayed for Tabitha and for your family with the hope you would become one before long and be blessed beyond measure with this union. Last night I read about the Russian law passed and realized that your sweet Tabitha is from Russia. I am praying fervently for Tabitha to be sustained during this time. I am also praying you can find some way to finalize your adoption with your daughter. I pray God moves the heart of the Russian president to do what is right and true. I pray for strength for your family and for the comfort that only God can provide. You are in my prayers, Whitney

  3. Wow, beautifully written.

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